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Prevent Suicide PA is proud to partner with “Find Your Anchor”, a grassroots movement aimed at suicide prevention, awareness and education. Together we aim to act as a beacon of hope, a source of inspiration and an act of support.

The premise behind Find Your Anchor is that each person needs an anchor.

"Establish an anchor – a dependable, stable, secure base that you can hold on to, on that keeps you firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come."

Find Your Anchor doesn't assume to be the anchor, or have all the answers, rather, it sets out to create a community of anchors, all with the help of some little blue boxes.

Are you struggling?

The box is yours for as long as you need it, no strings attached. However, when you find yourself in a better spot, consider passing it along to someone else.

When you are ready, add your own anchors, resources, or whatever you’d like to the box and launch it into the world.

You can pass it on personally by giving it to a person you know is in need, or you can launch the box anonymously. Our favorite spots are in the library, coffeeshops, and local trail and park systems.

Your contribution makes a difference. Donations help us provide prevention training and support services to thousands of people which, in turn, saves lives.