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Counties participating in the Pennsylvania Resource for Continuity of Care in Youth and/or Adult Serving Systems projects have identified you as a leader within your youth-serving organization.  As a leader, we are asking that you complete one or two of the follow-up surveys described in the sections below.  Over a year ago, one or both of these surveys were sent out, the data from which were used to help identify strengths and needs within your county and inform county-level action planning. The data from these follow-up surveys will provide additional feedback to measure change that may have taken place over the course of the project. In addition, the grant team may be able to support specific suicide prevention needs within your organization, such as training, screening, awareness, and/or policy and procedure development.


The surveys do not need to be taken in one sitting, however, you must use the same computer each time otherwise you will not be able to resume where you left off. 

See below for surveys.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Goundo Coulibaly.

Pennsylvania Network Analysis (PANA)

This survey seeks to gather information about the extent to which your organization interacts with other organizations in the county regarding suicide prevention, and specifically in the event of a suicide-related crisis.  At the start of the survey, you will be presented with a list of organizations within the county that your organization may interact with in some way.  After selecting the organizations that you have contact with, you will answer a series of questions about each one that describes the nature of your interaction.  This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Only those associated with the counties indicated below need to fill out the PANA.


Click the buttons below to access the survey specific to your county.

PANA Survey Links

Blair County
Mercer County
Washington County

The Pennsylvania Organizational Self-Study (POSS)

This survey seeks to gather information about suicide prevention efforts within your organization.  It asks about your organization’s efforts in the areas of policies and procedures, training, screening, assessment, treatment or intervention, and some other areas as applicable to your system.  This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Click the buttons below to access the survey specific to your organization.

If you are unsure about which survey to complete, please contact Goundo Coulibaly.

POSS Survey Links

School Districts
Emergency Department
Inpatient Psychiatric Units
Outpatient Mental Health Agencies
Mobile Crisis or Crisis Evaluation
SAP Liaison
Law Enforcement