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Behavioral Health Screen

The Behavioral Health Screen (BHS; Diamond et al., 2010) provides a brief but comprehensive behavioral health screening designed for use in a variety of settings.  It is administered electronically and scored instantly, screening for psychiatric symptoms and risk behaviors across 13 domains, including suicide, anxiety, depression, psychosis, eating, bullying, trauma, abuse, sexuality, substance use, safety, school, and family.  Through the GLS project, suicide and behavioral health screening has been implemented in SAP liaison agencies, college health/wellness centers, and school districts throughout the commonwealth.

As part of a SAMHSA youth suicide prevention grant awarded to the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in October 2014, we have been able to support usage of our validated and standardized screening tool by SAP liaison agencies across Pennsylvania.  Some of our results include:

  • 33 SAP agencies participating over 28 counties
  • Participating agencies serve over 250 school districts (50% of the total number of school districts in PA)
  • Nearly 5700 SAP screens using BH-Works have been completed as of Feb 2018
    • Over 1800 students (33%) identified with current or history of suicide
    • Over 4400 students identified with depression (49% moderate or severe)
    • Nearly 3300 students identified with significant anxiety
    • Over 2800 students identified at risk for PTSD
    • Over 300 students identified at risk for an eating disorder
    • Nearly 400 students identified at risk for substance abuse

Click here for more information on the BH-Works Behavioral Health Screen

If you are a SAP agency and are looking for more information on accessing the BHS, click the link below.

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